NAHS Application

How to apply to the National Art Honor Society:

NAHS Interest Form

Interest Form

National Art Honor Society 2023

Teacher Recommendation Form

1) Interest Form

2) Teacher Recommendation Form

Complete Teacher Recommendation form page one. 

Give to a teacher who you have had for 1 complete semester along with an envelope.

When they give it back to you, make sure it's sealed in the envelope with their signature across the seal. Hand in person to Ms. Sparks or put in her mailbox in the office. Unsealed forms or envelopes with out signatures across the seal will NOT be accepted.

3) Portfolio

Portfolio of at least 4 pieces of art that you are proud of. Media is your choice. Portfolio needs to be on a website and on one page. Your name should be clearly visible on the webpage. Title, media and description should be next to or below each piece. Please email the link directly here. By emailing the link, you testify that the work is your original art. If someone helped you with something, please include in the details.

4) Essay

What is art to me? Is the theme of a short essay. There is no right or wrong. Neither am I looking for the most amazing writing I have ever read. I want to know what you think. Maybe this is the first time you've had to think of this. This is a great time for reflection. This is not a great time to ask ChatGPT what it thinks, lol. No more than 500 words, please.

Due Dates:

Sophomores & above, Tuesday, November 28th by our meeting at 11:30. 

Freshman will be the same with the exception of the teacher rec, which will be due Tuesday, January 9th at our meeting. 

The sooner the better for everything. No exceptions, as I am looking for students for the National Art Honor Society who are exceptional in responsibilty & ability to follow directions.